Front Body Chest Width
XS 301/2 in. 77.5 cm 91/2 in. 24.1 cm
S 307/8 in. 78.4 cm 101/2 in. 26.7 cm
M 311/4 in. 79.4 cm 111/2 in. 29.2 cm
L 315/8 in. 80.3 cm 121/2 in. 31.7 cm

Heavy 2x1 Rib Racerback Dress

Style 3386GD

This sporty racerback dress is made of a heavy 2x1 rib with spandex so it has a flattering stretch. This textile features more compression than our regular cotton spandex styles and has been garment dyed and washed, so it is shrink-free, in 3 basic colors for your wardrobe. The mid-length of this dress makes it perfect for wearing day to night and is perfect for spring and summer.

This item is a garment dye product. Garment dye items can be distinguished by “GD” at the end of their style number, and will not match piece dye items (items without “GD” at the end of their style number). To learn more about the garment dye process, please click here.

Made by experienced workers in Los Angeles earning a minimum of $15/ hour and up to $20+/ hour.

• 2x1 Rib
• Garment Washed
• Shrink-free
• Made in U.S.A.

Cotton / Spandex Jersey (95% Cotton / 5% Elastane)

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