Garment Dye

Garment dye is the process of uniquely dying a garment to a specific color after it has been cut and sewn. This process is the last step in the supply chain before it makes its way to inventory. With garment dye products, there will be some naturally occurring shade variations.

Our pigment dye collection also falls under the garment dye umbrella. To distinguish a pigment dye item from that of the garment dye variety on our website, look for the following colors: Clove, Mushroom, Patchouli, and Rose-Quartz. Unlike garment dye, pigment dye’s unique muted color tones reveal the complex texture of our fabrics. Garment dye does not produce identical colors bath to bath and every piece is slightly unique in order to get that softness and pre-shrunk sizing that we advertise. If looking to complete a set from a prior purchase, please note a perfect color match will not always be the case. All garment dyed items are marked with a “GD” after the item code.